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Buy a food truck & go on tour with delicacies

Whether it's soul food or currywurst, we create premium food trucks that stand out from the crowd - rolling restaurants, mobile ice cream parlours or even a bistro on tour.


Ready-made equipment packages

Equipment from classics like BBQ and grill to bakery and ice cream parlours optimised for your workflow.

Interior view of the Mamma Zeolla food truck

Material selection

All equipment and materials are carefully selected by us for hygienic work with food. Easy cleaning and durability are just as much a focus as compliance with all legal requirements.

Autonomous operation

When you buy a food truck from us, they are fully operational right from the start and designed for independent operation at any location. An on-board supply of electricity and water can also be provided on request.

Look & Feel

Our goal is to ensure that the WOW effect remains in the memory of your visitors. The visitor experience should not only be inspired by the food, but by the overall impression.

The food truck scene is booming more than ever. Everyone knows the classic food trucks, hundreds of which can be found at festivals, concerts or events. As a rule, they are standard food trucks or classic vans in a shabby chic design. It is not so easy to stand out from the crowd. Would you like to buy a food truck that is different? The Marchi Group's premium food trucks impress with their innovative design, more space inside and can be designed not only as classic vending variants, but also as mobile, walk-in restaurants. Whether as a currywurst stand on wheels or for the sale of premium gourmet food - our food trucks create a special feel-good atmosphere for you and your customers.

With our years of expertise and the necessary know-how, we offer you our professional full-service support from A to Z and put together tailor-made packages for all conceivable projects on request: BBQ truck, mobile ice cream parlour, rolling bistro, modern soup kitchen, mobile cocktail bar and much more. Whether large or small, car trailer or semi-trailer - dream big! We know no limits and everything is possible.

We plan the interior of your premium food truck together with you down to the last detail. In addition to the smooth flow of food preparation and serving, we also focus on the unforgettable customer experience. The ordering process at eye level, the look & feel and the overall image should leave a lasting impression on your customers. We support you in the selection and purchase of suitable catering equipment and materials, always keeping important factors in mind, such as load limits, hygiene guidelines or occupational health and safety regulations.

Our fully operational food trucks ensure self-sufficient operation at any location. We can also offer you an uncomplicated alternative: on-board catering. So you can rely on your vehicle anytime, anywhere. Making and implementing custom-made products in any way possible is part of our daily business.

Our team will also support you with all the necessary steps relating to the creative design of the vehicle interior and exterior surfaces in the form of partial or full branding. We also help you to find suitable personnel to support sales or promotion on site. We won't leave you out in the cold with the necessary correspondence with the authorities either. Whether it's registering your vehicle with the relevant road traffic office, obtaining TÜV approval or organizing parking permits. You can count on our many years of experience.

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