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Pop Up Store Truck: Get Popped Up

We offer creative pop-up store trucks with a wide variety of facets - tailored to your project.


Optimal handling

Quick set-up and dismantling of the pop-up stores allow easy and uncomplicated location changes for maximum visibility.

Pop up store truck from Zalon

Autonomous operation

On request, our pop-up store trucks can be operated completely autonomously and therefore independently of the location - including electricity and water.

Creative design

The WOW effect that stays in your memory. Our designers create both shop design and branding to suit your project.

Optimised route planning

Our logistics experts optimise and plan your tour for maximum operational duration.

The mobile presentation of brand and product becomes a lasting experience with a surprise effect. These customer events in a perfect CI atmosphere strengthen customer loyalty and the transfer of knowledge about all new products.

Pop-up stores are springing up everywhere and it is hard to imagine life without them. The advantages over a permanent store are obvious. The temporary renting of empty business premises or warehouses can be turned into an exciting brand world with relatively few resources. Whether as a shop, event or café - the pop-up store suddenly appears, creates a stir and experience and disappears again after a short time. The target group is usually well-defined and specifically addressed.

We at the Marchi Group are taking this successful model one step further! With our MOBILE pop-up store trucks.

The pop-up store truck is a rolling salesroom in the form of a semi-trailer, container, car trailer or similar. The vehicle is equipped with the customer's products and converted into a store, café or event room. Equipped with your products and in your CI, the mobile pop-up store truck travels to specific locations where you can meet your target group and invite them into the vehicle. Modern checkout systems, receipt printers, card readers and barcode scanners ensure a smooth sales process directly at the point of sale.

The Pop up Store Truck is not bound by any borders. You can tour both nationally and internationally with the mobile sales unit. We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to logistics and customs clearance or take over the project and tour management for you.

Our team also supports you with all the necessary steps from the room concept, furniture construction and technical equipment to the creative design of the vehicle interior and exterior in the form of partial or full branding. We can also help you find the right staff to support your sales or promotion activities on site.

The USPs of the pop-up store truck at a glance:

  • No need to search for and rent new business premises
  • In contrast to rented rooms, the mobile interior of the vehicle is designed and set up exactly ONCE. Enormous time and cost savings.
  • Meet the target group and reach them where they feel most comfortable! An enormous USP compared to a stationary business space. You drive towards your target group and don't wait until they come to you.
  • Mobile XXL advertising space: the truck as a mobile pop-up store is virtually a rolling advertising space and ensures an enormous amount of eye contact.
  • Thanks to the changing locations, a pop-up store truck can be turned into an entire tour that can be teased in advance on social media and other marketing channels.
  • Integration of the truck into events or festivals possible - double benefit
  • Wow effect that stays in your head. Our trucks are a real highlight even without customer branding and ensure countless eye contacts on the roads time and again. In your CI, the vehicle remains in people's minds for your brand and ensures sustainability.
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