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Blood donor mobile: blood donation of the latest generation

We offer the most modern blood donation vehicles of their kind in accordance with current hygiene and data protection regulations.


Material selection

All materials and surfaces are carefully selected by us for hygienic and sterile work. The focus is on simple surface disinfection and durable surfaces.

Blood donor mobile interior view

Technical equipment

To meet the complex requirements in the medical field, we take into account features such as self-sufficient, fail-safe power supply, air purification, isolation, etc.

Workplace ergonomics & dispenser comfort

The furnishing of the workplaces and dispensing stations is practice-oriented and based on the latest scientific findings in order to enable efficient and ergonomic work with a simultaneous feel-good ambience.

Autonomous operation

Our blood donation vehicles are fully functional and designed for independent operation. This makes it possible to work even in remote regions and crisis areas.

Donating blood and plasma can save lives. Many people are aware of this and donate regularly. But there is still a great demand for blood reserves - there are even bottlenecks in the clinics time and again. Due to the now long-lasting Corona crisis, blood donors are currently desperately needed, as there are real supply gaps.

This makes it all the more important to offer attractive and modern ways to donate blood and compensate for shortages. When it comes to blood donation, many people think of facilities like the community centre around the corner or the blood donation bus. Usually, it is purely about the good cause and the donor does not want to spend an unnecessary amount of time there. Moreover, the conditions are not always optimal for the local team either. The temporary blood donation centres do not always meet the ergonomic requirements for the staff team and the well-known blood donation buses are often extremely cramped and outdated.

Our team of engineers, designers and vehicle builders therefore thought about how to make donating blood much more attractive and emotional for the donor and the team. Numerous questions arose, which we addressed: How can we improve the feeling of space in a mobile blood donation vehicle? How can we create a real feel-good atmosphere for the donor? How can we turn a blood donation vehicle into a real eye-catcher that impressively advertises on the road? What technical and media features can be installed to turn the blood donation van into a modern vehicle of the highest standard? Of course, we also had to face up to the countless regulations that make hygienic and sterile work possible in the first place. We had to work out the complex requirements, from the choice of surfaces to the special air filter, with experts and really make them our own.

Today, we can proudly claim to have revolutionised the blood mobile market worldwide. Our modern blood donation vehicles are unique. Through our years of experience in the conception and, above all, in the day-to-day practical operation of such units for our customers, we can now consider ourselves specialists in this field. We place special focus on our medical mobile rooms on:

  • Intelligent, fully automated room extensions, horizontally and vertically for maximum working space
  • Consideration of climatic and geographical environmental requirements for the vehicle
  • Interior design and the furniture configuration (care requirements, occupational health and safety guidelines, haptics, lighting, temperature and sound insulation requirements, practicability).
  • Technical implementation and safeguarding of the medical facility (self-sufficient power management, UPS facilities, suitable air-conditioning concepts)
  • Compliance with all daily guidelines (data protection, hygiene regulations, etc.)

Our modern blood donation vehicles use hydraulically operated room extensions to create an inviting, bright room with sufficient space between the donor beds. Donors experience a pleasant, feel-good atmosphere as soon as they enter the modern vehicle and can switch off and relax while looking at an XXL screen while donating blood. The team can also carry out their work processes professionally without "stepping on each other's toes".

The up to 70 square meter interior of the blood mobile allows the placement of 8 donor beds in a modern ambience for maximum donor comfort. There is also space for a separate waiting area, a doctor's room, a separate and soundproofed registration area, a separate laboratory and a cold room with temperature-controlled refrigerators. The modern power management system also ensures self-sufficient, risk-free operation.

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