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Laboratories, doctors´ offices, hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical technology showrooms and much more - mobile and tailored to your individual needs.


Material selection

All materials and surfaces are carefully selected by us for hygienic and sterile work. The focus is on simple surface disinfection and durable surfaces.

Lab truck interior view with people

Technical equipment

To meet the complex requirements in the medical field, we take into account features such as self-sufficient, fail-safe power supply, air purification, isolation, etc.

Autonomous operation

Our laboratory trucks and mobile medical practices are fully functional and designed for independent operation. This makes it possible to work even in remote regions and crisis areas.

Workplace ergonomics

The workstations are set up in a practice-oriented manner and based on the latest scientific findings to enable efficient and ergonomic work.

Stationary medical practices & laboratories were yesterday. Especially since the pandemic, we know how important it is to be able to respond to increased demand in medical practices and laboratories.

As a specialist for show trucks and mobile rooms, the Marchi Group provides the ideal solution: spontaneous, flexible and above all mobile, the rolling medical practices and laboratory trucks can be used anywhere and at any time without having to compromise on technical or hygienic comfort. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of mobile storage solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Always individually configured for each customer.

The highly complex, mobile laboratory trucks and mobile medical practices are state of the art and are built in compliance with all current hygiene and data protection regulations - as mobile room solutions for flexible use worldwide.

Mobile medical practice

The rolling medical practices lack nothing. Both doctor and patient enjoy the comfort and privacy of full-fledged treatment rooms and separate waiting areas in accordance with current hygiene and data protection guidelines.

As well as being used in city centers or public places, the mobile medical practice is also suitable for providing care in regions with a weak medical infrastructure or, for example, for use at company locations for employee check-ups.

Mobile medical practices provide the necessary infrastructure for all kinds of examinations, such as eye tests, hearing tests, blood pressure measurements, vaccinations, etc.

Lab Trucks

We design and build completely self-sufficient laboratories, taking into account all hygiene requirements such as special surface selection, surface disinfection, etc.

The laboratory truck enables highly professional sample analysis directly on site - for example for COVID-19 tests, as pandemic support, to relieve stationary laboratories, etc. The highly complex technical equipment is designed for self-sufficient operation and provides perfect working conditions even in crisis areas and remote regions in terms of power backup, insulation, etc.

In addition to their classic use as a mobile doctor's surgery or mobile laboratory, the vehicles are also suitable as mobile training rooms or showrooms for the medical and healthcare sector - and can even be combined in dual-use applications if required. As a modern training room, the mobile units are ideal for all types of specialist presentations, seminars and further training. The integration of high-end presentation technology and seating provides optimum training conditions - ideally even for training directly on the product. The interior serves as a modern, clean showroom for the attractive presentation of medical technology or other pharmaceutical products. The result is a completely individualized, mobile showroom with permanently installed exhibits.

Our Medical Know-How

Laboratory trucks and mobile medical practices in the medical sector involve complex requirements at all levels. Thanks to our many years of experience in the design and, above all, in the day-to-day practical operation of such units, we can now regard ourselves as specialists in this field. With our mobile laboratories and medical practices, we place particular emphasis on

  • Intelligent, fully automated room extensions, horizontally and vertically for maximum working space
  • Consideration of climatic and geographical environmental requirements for the vehicle
  • Interior design and the furniture configuration (care requirements, occupational health and safety guidelines, haptics, lighting, temperature and sound insulation requirements, practicability).
  • Technical implementation and safeguarding of the medical facility (self-sufficient power management, UPS facilities, suitable air-conditioning concepts)
  • Compliance with all daily guidelines (data protection, hygiene regulations, etc.)
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