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Merchandise truck: How customers become fans

Inspire your target group in the long term and turn them into real fans. For this purpose, we support you in staging your brand and optimally presenting your product portfolio.


Innovative merchandise store concept

By integrating the latest findings on purchasing behavior, we design your store for optimum visibility and maximum product sales.

Exterior view of a Colgate merchandise trailer

Optimised workflows

Sales, warehousing and all other work processes are effectively co-designed by us to get the most out of the limited space.

Sensational branding

We develop branding for maximum visibility of your brand at the event but also during the ride to multiply eye contacts.


We are happy to scout event staff and truck managers to suit your brand.

Merchandise trucks are already an important source of income for many brands and clubs. The design of the sales area is one of the most important success factors here. The product portfolio must be optimally presented. Our planning focuses on a suitable lighting concept and exhibition space for maximum merchandise pressure.

Merchandise describes the use of marketing instruments with the aim of promoting sales. It is up to you which marketing instruments you use. How would it be if you didn't have to wait for your customers, but simply drove out to meet them? With a merchandise truck from the Marchi Group, you can present your brand at an extremely high level and ensure an absolute eye-catching effect both on the road and at the customer's premises.

Merchandise trucks are extremely flexible and present brands and products in a particularly innovative way. From the small to large category, we offer you mobile space wonders with an exhibition area of 15 to 80 square meters. The design of the sales area is one of the most important factors for success. No matter what industry you belong to - your product portfolio should be presented in the best possible way. From the interior design to the choice of materials and the right lighting concept, we support you in creating the ideal feel-good atmosphere. Whether B2B or B2C: attracting attention is the be-all and end-all. This starts with the exterior design of your merchandise truck in the form of partial or full branding. Effective exterior branding is not only an ideal eye-catcher at the place of action, but also ensures countless eye contacts on the road.

Make your mobile merchandise campaign complete and leave no stone unturned: state-of-the-art technology features in the interior such as screens, tablets and co., high-quality sound equipment, but also the planning of a professional promoter team as well as innovative sampling campaigns at the location make your tour perfect.

Our vehicles usually have a separate technical room or a small retreat for important sales meetings or team breaks. If you prefer a special kind of customer service, many of our large semi-trailers also have spacious roof terraces. Don't worry about stand locations and organizational matters. With our agency service and more than 20 years of experience in the business, we are always at your side as a competent contact partner. We look forward to your project.

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