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Fair vehicles: The mountain finally comes to the prophet

Stationary trade fairs are outdated. Today, your customer's expectations are much more demanding. The trade fair that tours from location to location offers a multitude of advantages - for you and your clients.


Unrivalled presentation

Your rolling, fully-fledged exhibition stand reaches your customers without their effort and even better: without your competitors.

Easy Lux exhibition vehicle in perspective from above

Simple logistics

Only one driver brings your entire brand world to your customers and sets it up there ready for presentation within a very short time.

Increase brand awareness

In addition to the memorable customer experience on site, you also have thousands of eye contacts through spectacular vehicle branding.


Your mobile exhibition stand can be used indefinitely - indoors and outdoors. What's more, you can reinvent it again and again and we will customize the exhibition space for you.

More and more customers are recognising the advantages of an exhibition vehicle as a replacement for the classic exhibition stand. Particularly in times of declining visitor numbers or due to a lack of planning certainty as to when and whether trade fairs will take place, trade fair appearances are often integrated into a roadshow and the mobile trade fair stand is thus also used at stationary trade fairs.

The advantages of an exhibition vehicle are numerous. From an economic point of view, exhibition vehicles are the significantly more cost-effective alternative compared to a "fixed" exhibition stand due to the multiple benefits. The mobile exhibition vehicle is not simply disposed of after the trade fair, but can go on tour and thus reach customers who may not have made it to the trade fair. This gives you a powerful sales tool that can be used as often as you like and is quickly and easily ready for use again, even for new products and re-brandings, thanks to very simple conversions.

There is also enormous savings potential for the fair itself. There are no additional personnel and accommodation costs for set-up and dismantling personnel. Trade fair vehicles are set up on site in record time, as the actual set-up is already carried out outside the trade fair in advance. Another advantage is the flexibility of use. Exhibition vehicles can be used indoors and outdoors and can therefore be placed in exhibition halls as well as on outdoor stands. Exhibition stands from 20 to well over 100 sqm can be covered with mobile space solutions.

The advertising effect also goes far beyond that of the trade fair itself. Already on the journey to the fair, you have thousands of visual contacts who discover your show truck on tour. This eye-catching effect should not be underestimated and is a very good marketing tool.

In practice, the mobile exhibition stand is in no way inferior to the stationary one. All exhibits can be installed fully functional and experienced hands-on by the visitors. Lounge corners, catering and other areas can also be integrated in the vehicle. Depending on the concept and project, a wide variety of mobile spaces can be considered for a mobile exhibition stand. From small, manoeuvrable car trailers to large container landscapes, everything is possible. The classic semi-trailer is the most popular module in the mobile trade fair sector. It offers approx. 50 sqm of interior space through room extensions. A roof terrace provides a great overview of the trade fair.

In order to get the most out of the rolling exhibition stand, a large number of customers also opt for a subsequent tour. A-customers are visited directly at their headquarters, thus receiving an exclusive event and a corresponding appreciation. A great effect that is reflected not least in the sales figures of our customers.

In general, we can observe a trend towards innovation. Classic exhibition stands that are disposed of after the trade fairs are no longer up to date, not sustainable and ultimately not economical. Trade fair vehicles in combination with digital worlds of experience are the future of trade fairs and transport the greatest possible benefit - for companies and visitors. With our cross-industry know-how, we will be happy to advise you and develop your mobile exhibition stand together, which will accompany you for many years and also become a permanent fixture with your customers. Adapted to your CI and your products, we create a brand world that travels to the customers and picks them up right there. These lasting experiences and the unrivalled presentation on site create lasting customer loyalty.

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