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Promotion Truck: Show us!

Do you have a new product that the world needs to see? We have a variety of different promotion trucks available for the direct presentation or sampling of products to your target group.


Live product experience

Whether as a sampling campaign in the B2C sector or as a live demo at your B2B dealers, we create an unforgettable product experience.

Promotion truck from Oral-B interior

Autonomous operation

Present yourself and your products independently of the location's infrastructure with a self-sufficient power supply for your promotion truck and much more.

Brand world

Immerse your customers in your corporate world for stronger brand loyalty.

Sustainable experiences

Emotional bonding with your customers is just as important as the transfer of knowledge for your product launch.

We support you in staging your brand in the B2C and B2B sectors for events in a class of their own. The launch of a new product in particular is an emotional journey, both for the company itself and, ideally, for the customers. Promotion trucks offer an ideal setting for creating lasting experiences directly with the target group and thus creating a bond with the brand. Thanks to the advantage of mobility, promotional vehicles are not restricted to one target region. Even transnational product presentations are easy to implement. The promo trucks are designed for independent operation at all locations thanks to a self-sufficient power supply and a fully equipped event area - both indoors and outdoors.

In the interior of such promotion trucks, the available space is optimally utilized through special furniture construction - naturally tailored to the products and the objective of the promotion in the customer's perfect CI. Depending on the project, a wide variety of presentation vehicles can be used. From open show stages for entertaining large groups of people to spacious, enclosed showrooms and small, flexible pop-up store trucks, everything is possible. Special vehicle construction is also frequently used for product launches or promotional campaigns. For example, products can be recreated 1 to 1 in XXL format for that special eye-catching effect.

Promotional tours are not only a unique experience for visitors on site. With striking and CI-compliant external branding, the promotion truck becomes an eye-catcher during the journey, arouses curiosity and generates thousands of eye contacts. For successful events, we not only offer a variety of different promotion trucks, but also take care of the roadshow management. We also organize the logistics in the background for sampling campaigns or tastings. In connection with this, we also take care of event staffing: we cast, brief and manage on tour dedicated personnel who convey the spirit of the brand.

The best promotion campaign and the most exciting product launch should also be made measurable afterwards. In addition to emotional visuals, we can also implement a wide range of tools to measure success. Lead generation, visitor surveys, competition evaluation, visitor tracking and much more are used here. This is how results become tangible.

Our team will be happy to work with you to put together the ideal promotion truck to turn your products into stars. We then take care of smooth tour management and all the associated steps. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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