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Mobile training room: new knowledge to go

We offer modern mobile training rooms for all types of specialist presentations, seminars and further training.


Modern training rooms

High-end presentation technology and a mobile training room with a feel-good atmosphere ensure optimum knowledge transfer.

Dentsply mobile training room interior view

Workplace ergonomics

Both the planning of the workplaces for theoretical training and the practical hands-on areas are based on the latest findings to enable efficient and ergonomic work.

Autonomous operation

Our mobile training rooms are fully functional and designed for independent operation at all locations. This makes it possible to work even in remote regions and at all branches, regardless of the infrastructure.

CI-compliant brand world

We design your training room exactly according to the look & feel of your brand, so that in addition to practical knowledge, the core of your brand can also be conveyed.

Employee training is becoming more and more important. In addition to a competent speaker, the location and the general conditions play a central role if knowledge transfer is to be successful. The technical infrastructure and the design of the premises are decisive factors. A particular challenge is to present the same content as uniformly as possible at different locations.

With over 20 years of roadshow experience in 70 different countries, we make training possible for you anywhere in the world. Whether in the 40 degree hot Arab Emirates or the deepest, coldest Siberia, whether in front of your company building or in the courtyard of your dealers - our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for all conditions and regularly undergo maintenance and testing processes. This means we can meet any global standards and ensure optimum supply on site.

Our vehicles are versatile, mobile training rooms with a feel-good character at the highest level and deliver the matching, competent support as well as maximum mobility. The mobile training room goes exactly where you need it - whether B2B or B2C. Training directly on site optimises working and travelling time as well as the associated costs, because long journeys, accommodation costs, expenses and travel costs are eliminated.

A mobile training room leaves nothing to be desired: Integration of high-end presentation technology, seating for optimal training conditions, a separate hands-on area for training directly on the product, as well as a kitchen area for catering - always individually tailored to your needs and always designed for independent operation at all locations through self-sufficient power supply and a fully equipped training area.

The seating options are also variable in a vehicle. Here it always depends on what exactly you are planning. Is it a small, manageable group where the participants are to be arranged in a discussion circle? Or do you want to train many people at once, who should sit in a U-shape or in rows? We will be happy to advise you on the wide range of possibilities. Particularly in current times, our concepts always focus on the safe distance to the person sitting next to you in order to protect your participants from contagion with COVID-19.

Our various vehicle models offer the right solution for business training of all kinds and thus ensure "space rental" at a very special level. Our trailers and especially the futuristic tractor unit convince with their modern and eye-catching design. Thus, you not only create an advertising effect on site, but also draw all eyes to your company while on the road, according to the motto: rolling advertising that arrives. A mobile training course generates emotions among all participants, because it is always a special event that stays in the minds of all participants. Strengthen the loyalty of your employees to the company and at the same time increase the learning effect through the positive character of a rolling training.

We support companies, associations and institutions in conducting certified training courses, from the conception, to the expansion, to the journey to the training location and the commissioning of the presentation technology there. This makes every seminar a complete success with the greatest added value and training effect for all participants.

Numerous well-known companies regularly rely on our mobile solutions. Our references include, for example, Barmenia Versicherung, which used one of our trucks to present its new e-business insurance policies and to train its own employees on the topic.

Advantages of a mobile training room:

  • Cost savings: complete elimination of all travel costs for training participants, as the training room comes to the participant
  • Working time optimisation: hardly any loss of working time due to optimised logistics (no travel time)
  • Uniform training atmosphere: identical training room at all locations
  • Employee motivation: innovative, modern truck motivates and inspires through event character in contrast to classic training rooms
  • Personnel savings: one-time installation of the training room and subsequent set-up exclusively by truck managers, no additional technicians necessary - short set-up times
  • Double advertising effect: on site and during the ride
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