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Mobile showroom: When products become stars

We offer modern and individual showrooms for the attractive presentation of your products in your brand world.


Product presentation as live demo

Your products can be experienced in full function by installing all the necessary media, such as heavy electric current, compressed air or water.

Interior Mobile Showroom of mobile operator Orange

Brand world

Your customers can immerse themselves in the world of your brand for even deeper product understanding and lasting experiences.

Autonomous operation

Present your portfolio independently of the location through 100% independent supply of on-board power.

Accompanying tour management

We help your tour succeed through full-service planning.

Together we create mobile showrooms in which your products or services become stars. The mobile showrooms are not inferior to the stationary ones. Among other things, they enable the installation of fully functional exhibits by integrating all necessary media (high voltage current, fresh water, waste water, compressed air, etc.) and the creation of a mobile brand experience world for self-sufficient product presentation at company-internal branches, at trade partners or directly at the end customer.

Showrooms or even mobile flagship stores are not only characterised by the product display. A special focus in the development of the spaces is on the atmosphere. Visitors should experience with all their senses and thus be sustainably inspired. Here, we often rely on the combination of real products and digital experiences. The lighting and sound concept of the showroom is also well thought-out and adapted to the respective project. CI-compliant colour schemes and brand-compliant imagery are reflected in the vehicle interior and also in the exterior branding.

When we send the mobile showrooms on tour to end customers or distributors together with our customers, simple logistics and, above all, a smooth process on site are important. The fast, uncomplicated assembly and disassembly of the vehicles plays an important role here. In this way, we offer the showroom visitors an emotional experience without being a burden in the preparation of the event. 

Mobile exhibition vehicles offer companies the unique opportunity to let their brand and products travel directly to the end customer. They can experience the entire portfolio in the same impressive atmosphere. Cross-national tours increase the range and ensure thousands of eye contacts even during the journey. An investment in the future of the company and a flagship for the brand.

The areas of application of the showroom vehicles are diverse. They range from teaser campaigns before branch openings for pre-announcement, to integration in trade fair activities, to campaigns for product launches. The exclusive and unrivalled presentation directly at the customer's premises offers the opportunity to make products that require explanation come alive. Sustainable events that not only impart knowledge to the customer, but are also fun.

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