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When the wooden spoon goes shopping

Virtuality meets real life

At mm, we experience the trend towards real brand experiences every day thanks to our customers. After the big internet hype, more and more brands are realising that they also have to show their face in real life. The stationary trade was thwarted by the virtual one and now both worlds are reaching their limits. The purely digital brand experience hardly creates customer loyalty and the product experience becomes a price war because the competition is only a click away. Stationary shops in prime locations are not available and always represent a large investment.

The solution: the mobile space. More and more brands are recognising the advantages of pop-up stores that appear out of nowhere and travel to their customers with pinpoint accuracy. Presenting the latest collection on the beach in Ibiza or a premium golf shop in the port of Monaco. This unexpected brand world in unusual locations creates emotion and brand loyalty among the target group.

In addition to the shop's own CI, the latest technologies are increasingly being integrated here in order to make optimal use of the space and also to combine the advantages of virtual trade with those of stationary trade. One example is a pioneer for innovative projects: IKEA. In Canada, pop-up stores are currently being tested in combination with virtual reality. The special feature: there are neither shopping trolleys nor baskets. Using an intelligent wooden spoon, the customer simply taps on the desired products, places them in his virtual shopping basket and conveniently picks them up after the checkout at a central location, ready packaged. Using data glasses, products that are not actually available in the store can also be viewed and combined in a virtual reality. The product experience thus becomes an emotional and active process for the customer.


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