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What constantly accompanies us in childhood - learning and understanding new things - often tastes rather bland in adulthood. Unimaginative teaching contents at staff training sessions in the same seminar rooms over and over again with filter coffee and dusty biscuits. Or lost all alone in front of a monitor in a webinar, while at the same time trying to crack the new level of Solitaire.

For a long time, training was neglected and integrated into everyday work more as a necessary evil. Increasingly complex structures and products, but also employer branding, have brought about a turnaround here. In the meantime, the training of employees, retail networks and even consumers is often a central component of corporate communications. It is not only a matter of imparting knowledge, but also of anchoring it sustainably. This should be done as cost-effectively and innovatively as possible. The trendsetters in the industry are focusing primarily on the human and emotional component - with terrific success.

The perfume brand Alia followed a striking example of this approach. With a 1:1 replica of the living and creative room of the artist himself, the brand visited selected perfumeries for the product launch and invited them into the mobile showroom. The special aromas and the story behind the creation were made tangible - in a noble living room atmosphere. A WOW experience for specialist retailers and also consumers themselves. The significant increase in the quality of advice and the resulting sales figures were almost decorative additions. Trainings in an original atmosphere directly in front of the doorstep of the target group without travel expenses and loss of time for training participants are a refreshing and promising new development after cool seminar rooms and dreary online offers, both within the company and in the dealer network. This is how cost-efficient training with a certain fun factor works!


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