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Monaco by surprise

Metropolis of the rich and beautiful?

Monaco is the big stage - Grand Prix, jet set and royal family. But what does a normal day in the Principality look like? What is it like far from the clichés? We found out shortly before the Grand Prix, over coffee and cake with Prince Albert's neighbours. On the drive to Monaco: traffic jam. Never try to get to the Principality by car during the rush hour. Ferraris, Rolls Royces, and even other vehicles, such as the Fiat 500, only move forward in stop-and-go traffic. Our first lesson was to shift down a gear. Individual mobility apparently plays a key role in all social classes in Monaco...

During an aperitif with a jet-set lady from the Principality, the next surprise was waiting for us. After all the clichés from yacht owner to private jet traveller had been served first, we found out that the surprisingly down-to-earth lady is first and foremost a mother of two children and that Monaco is a safe haven and centre of life for her family. Schools and a wide variety of leisure facilities have clearly left their mark on Monte Carlo. It is now a cosy place to live - also for families, and not just for the who's who of the world. The infrastructure allows residents to stay all year round, raise their children there, and not just come in high season to see and be seen.

A cosmopolitan metropolis of the rich and beautiful - that is the common image of Monaco. Taking a closer look and interacting with the local people, we were able to experience that it can just as well be the opposite. A small village - everyone knows everyone in this deeply rooted, small community.


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