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3D printing process of the future

The 3D printing process is no longer a vision of the future, but is rapidly making its way into the world of production. Whether food, toys or technical components - there are no limits to the variety of products. In addition to the classic production of consumer goods, all industries have discovered the new process for themselves.

Spanish researchers succeeded in printing human skin cells for medical and cosmetic purposes using a bio-3D printer. In China, an entire small town is being 3D printed. A Caribbean archipelago is pinning all its hopes on preserving endangered coral reefs by printing coral.

But in the automotive industry in particular, three-dimensional printing is a revolution and will be indispensable in the future. This applies not only to new vehicle production, but also to the replacement of components that have long since ceased to exist in the classic car sector.

Marchi Mobile has also already had good experience with the printing of components for its specially developed eleMMent luxury series. In the past, the company decided to print individual interior and exterior components for the new production of its customized design vehicles. These included various lamp trims and brackets, for example, which could be easily produced and installed using the three-dimensional printing process. In the near future, the company plans to apply this production technology to all vehicle series and to print all free-form components individually. "The price-performance ratio is getting better and better. It will then be interesting for us, even for small quantities, to no longer have to work via the classic production of model molds, but to be able to manufacture in a simpler and more personalized way. This also enables us to react quickly and flexibly to innovations and changes on the market and to incorporate these into our models in an up-to-the-minute manner," says Managing Director Mario Marchi.



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