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Creating Limited Editions

Designing the desired

BETTER, more beautiful, more noble - how are special editions created in the automotive sector? Accentuating supposedly mature products again and giving them that very special polish requires a lot of skill and know-how about the "DNA" of the ultimate vehicle. First, the design team starts with the research and inspiration phase. Comparable special editions are studied for up to three weeks, their attributes are analysed, thematically related information is compiled, analogies are formed and colour worlds and mood boards are developed. A multi-layered fan of information is created. Only a few of these approaches are transferred to the next level of detail. The further selection deliberately comprises styles that differ drastically from one another in order to derive a conclusive concept for the final design.

"A decisive component is often also the inspiration from outside. Preferably people who have hardly come into contact with the product to date, but who are closely associated with the theme of the special edition," says Michael Schwidefsky, Head of Design Development at Marchi Mobile. Thus, the decisive contribution to Marchi Mobile's Monaco Edition also came from a Monegasque woman herself. Safi a el Malqui inspired the design team in joint workshops and they subsequently went down completely new paths. In this case, the combination of authentic input from outside and professional planning and implementation by the designers and vehicle developers created a product whose features and details both reflect the intimate character of Monaco and allow a noble vehicle like the eleMMent to shine in a completely new context.

"The art is to leave the core of the original product untouched, but to set new accents through new arrangements, materials or even the redevelopment of exclusive features that perfectly refl ect the edi- tion's theme," says Schwidefsky. In this context, it is important first and foremost to give the new creation a sense of purpose. The targeted refinement in a defined direction as well as the emphasis on the special are what make limited editions stand out from the crowd. These special designs are often dedicated to passions and appreciations for certain people, countries or styles. Thus, the virtuoso fusion of a product with the theme of the special edition creates a desirable masterpiece - designing the desired!


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