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With 0 emissions and 24 carat real gold to the target

Even before the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, Toyota is planning to use so-called FC buses in the greater Tokyo area. These are environmentally friendly fuel cell buses that can carry up to 77 passengers. The vehicles do not cause any direct air pollutant emissions. There is an urgent need for action to counteract the progressive impact on nature, not only in conurbations such as Tokyo, but also worldwide. Daimler has also announced an electric bus for 2018.

However, e-mobility is not the only industry that addresses sustainable needs for the benefit of the environment. Aerodynamic design and the cW value also play a considerable role. Nature shows us in an exemplary way how a perfect aerodynamic body is built: A penguin, for example, achieves a drag value of 0.03, while a droplet even has a value of 0.02. A vehicle with ideal drag would thus have the shape of a droplet.*

The eleMMent range from Marchi Mobile proves that aerodynamics and environmental friendliness also have a raison d'être in the commercial vehicle sector and for vehicles over 12t. As the first small series manufacturer in the world, Marchi Mobile is a pioneer for ecologically sustainable products in luxury passenger transport. The fact that the eleMMent series, thanks to its aerodynamics, has a cW value comparable to a sports car (Cw 0.3615) speaks for itself and drastically reduces fuel consumption. Here, too, nature served as a model. Derived from the original Colani design, the eleMMent series combines biomorphic shapes with state-of-the-art vehicle design and revolutionary equipment features.

However, passenger transportation of the future does not mean devoting oneself exclusively to the aspect of sustainability. Design and luxury may receive equal attention. The eleMMent viva from Marchi Mobile is a jet on wheels with maximum prestige and comfort - a completely new approach to luxurious passenger transport. In the fall of 2016, the very first Multipassenger was delivered as the V-VIP Edition. The exclusive vehicle has a 500 hp diesel with the latest exhaust technology. The interior, clad in 24-carat real gold, has 22 first-class leather seats.

*Source: , How aerodynamics works on the car


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