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Mobile marketing: when Pokemon GO becomes real

Connection between the real and the digital world

The connection between the real and the digital world can be surprisingly effective. The city of Basel has impressively demonstrated how to create outstanding marketing success through a clever combination of the two worlds.

The city's marketing department took the bold step of projecting the Pokemon hype into the real world. Real Pokemons storm through the city in a truck and chase Pokemon players. The four disguised Pikachus come completely unexpectedly out of nowhere with XXL Pokeballs and disappear in the truck as quickly as they arrived. The surprise effect is clearly visible in the faces of the hunted. Chased in the most beautiful places in the city, the footage of the action thus becomes an extraordinary promotional video. The footage of the real action thus ends up back in the digital world and becomes a viral marketing hit. Experimental marketing with wit and recognition value.


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